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10 Facts About Me

1. I’m short, empathic and the most arrhythmic person in the world.


2. I was born in Barcelona and I moved to Brum three and a half years ago. Everyone asks me why. Usually British people are the ones moving to Barcelona looking for good food and better weather. Me? It was just a new challenge, a new adventure in my to do list.


3. I’m addicted to colours (especially sunsets), and I love travelling with my camera around the world shooting every special corner. Check it out on my instagram: @_newe.


4. I ride my bike to the train station every day to go to work. To be completely honest, in December and January I take a break because it’s bloody cold outside bab! And I’m still from Barcelona.


5. I prefer guacamole to hummus, honesty to resentment, my mum’s omelette to Sunday’s roast, I’d rather be together than alone,  I choose simplicity over complexity, attitude over experience, trainers over heels, kindness over meanness, fair trade over trending big brands and running over swimming.


6. I’m a multi-task person, I can even enjoy the stress of dealing with multiple projects at the same time with crazy deadlines. I know, it’s sick!


7. I’m good with cats and even better with people.


8. In my country we had a hero called “Capità enciam” (Captain Lettuce), a fictional character from the 90’s who used to say: “els petits canvis són poderosos” (The small changes are powerful). I truly believe it. It’s possible to change and we can achieve it. That’s why now I’m focused on and interested in projects that seek a positive impact to make a difference in our society.


9. I’m capable of following more than 6 tv shows on Netflix at the same time. Currently watching The Handmaid’s Tale (awesome photography direction, though).


10. Whether I like it or not, I belong to the generation of dissatisfaction. Maybe that’s why I feel I need for new projects and bigger challenges. I’m eager for what’s coming next.