Corporate Identity

Behind a good logo

there’s always a great story.


I’m always passionate about starting a corporate project. I love soaking up the history behind the companies and squeezing my mind to find a unique and distinctive way to communicate it in a visual language. During these years I have had the opportunity to design logos from very different fields and I’m always open to take a new challenge to make it special.




Milan punt S.L

SITL Capital

SRC. Service Racing in Competition.




2017 – 2019


Graphic Designer

LNG Green Driving

LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel. In the context of the current energy transition sought by the European Commission, it represents an excellent alternative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat global warming.

This logotype was created for Furgo-Trayler. They were looking for an image that represented this new source of energy to mark all their trucks and tractors. The result was a fusion between a flame and a leaf.

Milan Punt

Milan Punt is a local, family company founded in the 80’s.

With more than 30 yeas of experience in the fabric sector they needed a new image for the business. The logo was created keeping in mind the name “PUNT” (Meaning knit). An “M” transformed into a knit, that knit that creates the weft of any fabric. It is a metaphor of the beginnings that they have been weaving during all these years.

SITL Capital

SITL CAPITAL is a company whose mission and business development starts in the phases Pressure and seed through financing and / or smart money.

SITL (Sky Is The Limit) was created from the idea of empowering all those projects beyond the sky.


SRC (Service Race in Competition) is the Racing Service company of Pirelli Spain Moto in competitions, circuits and rounds.

The logotype was inspired by the sinuous curves of racing circuits.