An empowerement platform for the millennial woman of colour.


GirlDreamer is an empowerment platform founded by Kiran Kaur and Amna Akhtar, providing leadership retreats, adventure sports and digital skills to build confidence, representation and accessibility for millennial women of colour.


Girl Dreamer is based in Birmingham and has a mission to change the way the next generation of girls of colour see themselves represented in our world. Working between local communities and companies to begin bridging the gap that has seemingly widened over time. GD tends to break the traditional routes of “female empowerment”. Working with communities of girls that struggle most with accessibility, opportunities and confidence and providing them with the platform they need to obtain their version of success. They ensure educate, elevate and empower their girls to go on to do, be and achieve more. GD is on a mission to break stereotypes, barriers and restrictions in order to build inclusion, representation and access.








Graphic Designer

Corporate identity


The redesign of the corporate identity was based on those three fundamental pillars: Educate, Elevate and Empower. Creating a cloud with these three circles as an icon of the dreams to achieve. Due to the mission of the organisation (breaking stereotypes, barriers and restrictions and betting on inclusion and representation) I decided the new brand has to be flexible, transparent and fresh. That’s why the brand adapts and transforms according to the background in which it is. The result is a versatile brand with infinite variations.

Business cards


Personal business cards. To keep the conceptual logic for the identity, the business card is designed and printed in vertical format (as a reference to the conventional academic/educational formats; the ascension of dreams without limits and it alludes to this vertical view when we are reaching for the clouds).


Social Media